Dhyanam, lets meditate, a simple one take tracks is a tribute to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ji for Her immense work in the whole world, opening Sahasrara chakra and giving the humanity the blessing of having self realisation a mass, gifting with Sahaja Yoga.

In 2020, we are celebrating 50 years of Sahaja Yoga and in a very natural way, its a year of reflection for the whole world, thinking on both aspects. We present this gift to humanity and invite them to meditate with Sahaja Yoga meditation, in these times where outside everything we have known seems unstable and unpredictable, we have recorded few tracks to help in meditation and to give courage and inner strength to all in need.

We invite you to go inside to discover the biggest world , the real world which is in there.


Singer: Anandita Basu

Flute: Gaurav Das

Tabla: Chaitnya Chokroborty

Synthesiser: Rajdeep Mondol

Recording: Prasad studio, Kolkata

Video and Graphics: Andrés Alarcón

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